¡Hola, Venezuela!

Oh, my gosh, so when I was a junior in high school, I lived in Venezuela for the year as a foreign exchange student with AFS.  I lived with the most amazing family ever and I went back to visit them like 6 years ago with Molly, but I hadn’t seen them since then.  We had always talked about getting together again, but as time does, it flew by and suddenly it was 6 years later.  My host brother Luis Manuel lives in Denmark (that’s where he did his AFS year while I was in Venezuela).  So my host sister Liamni who lives in Venezuela messaged me one day and said that Mamá was visiting Luis Manuel, so I posted on Luis Manuel’s wall that it would be so cool if I could see them both.  Little did I know that Mamá was actually in Madrid and Luis Manuel was coming to visit her.  Talk about divinely orchestrated timing!  So I cleared my schedule and I got to hang out with them!  I didn’t realize that Mamá hadn’t seen Luis Manuel in a year and a half—I was so honored to get to spend so much time with the two of them!  We did a ton of walking and catching up, but it was really as if no time had passed.  We laughed as we remembered some of the highlights from my time in Venezuela, both times.  They made fun of my Spain-ish Spanish…  I tried my hardest to remember my Venezuelan slang (it came out badly to say the very least…).  Anyway, it was such a treat to see both of them!  I don’t know when I will get to go back to Venezuela, since Chavez is loco, which is really sad, but as long as I get to see my familia, I am a happy girl!  Mamá always said it was obvious that I was her daughter—you can see in the pictures that she was right! ;)


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